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Audit timing - updated 24 April

The DIA has announced  that Phase 2 reporting entities who not able to complete their first audit due to being affected by COVID-19, will not have adverse compliance action taken against them. RE's should be able to explain how COVID-19 affected their ability to co...
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Audit timing

From 1 July 2018, most lawyers are captured under the AML/CFT Act  and therefore have several AML/CFT requirements.  These requirements include: Appointing a compliance officer;Conducting a Risk Assessment;Developing an AML/CFT Programme based on the Risk Assessmen...
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​Guidance on impact of COVID-19 Alert Levels on AML/CFT verification

On 26 March 2020, AML/CFT Supervisors (FMA, RBNZ and DIA) published a Guidance on complying with AML/CFT verification requirements during COVID-19 Alert Levels  At COVID-19 Level 4, only those reporting entities providing essential services are able to continue to opera...
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