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FSP Registration

The Financial Services Providers Register ("FSPR") is a searchable online register of people, businesses, and organisations that offer financial services.

If you provide a financial service, then you must be registered on the FSPR. You must be successfully registered before you can provide financial services.

We can assist you with this registration.


Many financial market professionals require a licence in order to do business. If you provide, or intent or provide the following services, then you must obtain a licence.

Licences are issued by the FMA and the RBNZ, depending on the type of activity.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ):

  • Banks
  • Insurers
  • Non-bank deposit takers

We are experienced in helping businesses to prepare a licence application. Once the license is issues, we can provide risk and compliance services to assist you with the ongoing licence conditions.

We can:
  • Assist in the licence preparation
  • Review policies and procddures
  • Create risk and compliance frameworks
  • Review governance frameworks
  • Recommend changes
  • Create a Compliance Assurance Programme
    • Act as your Risk and Compliance Manager – use only what you need, instead of assigning a full time resource
  • Review and implement compliance and risk frameworks, policies and procedures
  • Support the business in compliance needs
  • Monitor controls
  • Report to management and the Board
  • Maintain registers

    Compliance Assurance Programme - we are experienced in creating, implementing and monitoring your CAP. 

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